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Youth Start-Up 2018 – December Interview- MyFarmBase Africa

MyFarmBase Africa‘s Youth Start-Up of The Month was created to tell the stories of young farmers and agricpreneurs alongside reaching out to prospective farmers to learn from their successes and failures with the sole aim of increasing food production and making huge profits from the different value chains in agriculture.

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In 2017, Nigeria took the 6th place in cashew nut production in the world, according to Legit. Nigerians make fortunes on cashew export every year. However, to be successful in this, you really need to understand how the industry works. Efforts made for the purpose of improving the cultivation results

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How Farmers in Cooperative Societies Access Funding

How farmers in cooperative societies access funding in a blockchain ecosystem. https://archive.org/details/Agroplexy This podcast https://archive.org/details/Agroplexy brought to you by MyFarmBase Africa explains how farmers will enjoy financial assistance as soon as they start to leverage on Blockchain. Blockchain stores any kind of document for a long period of time. It

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Commodity Supply Chain in Emerging Market

Is there a lasting solution to the issues that arises in commodity supply chain in emerging markets? https://archive.org/details/DrAndrewNevin Dr Andrew, the Chief Economist of PwC, our guest, explained in details how Blockchain can help solve the issue in commodity supply chain and what you stand to gain from this innovation

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Raising pigs can be a major source of enthusiasm, joy and income if done rationally and on a scalable basis. Pig is indeed a very intelligent animal that needs care as well as a pleasant and clean environment in order to thrive and live healthy. Pig is also a very

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Maize Marketing

TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE MAIZE MARKETING Identify your corn market before you start your maize farming: A farmer will do well to identify his/her corn market before starting a maize farm. He has to determine if he will use middlemen to get his produce to the market, or sell his corn

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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Banana Farm?

As the country’s population increases by the day with many unemployed youths roaming the streets, banana farming creates jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs who have the passion to go into farming business. With over 100 billion bananas consumed annually in the world, it is evident that banana farming is highly

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Sustainable agriculture as the name implies, is a form of farming which at the long and short run, sustains and protects the environment, public health, human communities and human welfare. This means that with this kind of farming, necessary and healthy food are produced, which does not in any way

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Storage has been the major problem of Nigerian agriculture for a long time and that has resulted in considerable waste of agricultural output. Due to inadequate storage facilities, a lot of farm produce have been condemned to wastage and our economy has suffered dearly for it. Nigeria is losing about

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