One of our flagship projects, Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Drive is designed to provide climate, market, production, storage & financing information to farmers in rural communities leveraging Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) as well as on-site training services to boost productivity of Rice, Cocoa, Cashew, Maize and Plantain farmers in Nigeria.

We have engaged with over 30 smallholder farmers in Abeokuta in an attempt to help them learn about Climate Smart Agricultural strategies that will help them build resilience and adapt to climate change.

Ultimately, this is to build their capacity to improve their output so we can further connect them to markets, storage facilities and financing that will improve their livelihoods and continually contribute to food security in Nigeria.


Through our AgriTech Lab Project for youths, we offer high impact Agric-tech Education & skills development combining Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and traditional classroom training to enable youths take advantage of the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in Agribusiness.

AgriTechLab is a training that draws on the knowledge and experience of industry experts locally and internationally who will not only educate participants on effective strategies of tech use (Blockchain and Soilless Farming Technologies) in Agriculture but will expose participants to opportunities, networks and organizations that will help them put the knowledge they have acquired to good use.

Over 1000+ youths and 10,000+ virtual audience have learnt through AgricTechLab ;

How the use of tech in Agriculture can proffer a sustainable solution to youth unemployment in Nigeria and how they can use it to create wealth for themselves sustainably.
How aggregators, commodity traders and smallholder farmers can earn more profits trading their commodities on a blockchain-based exchange.
How city dwellers can grow fresh foods (Tomatoes, vegetables) with little use of water, space and resources for good health and extra income.
How key actors involved in crop production can use drones as a cost-effective and real-time innovative way of acquiring data to guide farmers’ decisions for productivity and increased returns on investment.


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