One of our flagship projects, Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Drive is designed to provide climate, market, production, storage & financing information to farmers in rural communities leveraging Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) as well as on-site training services to boost productivity of Rice, Cocoa, Cashew, Maize and Plantain farmers in Nigeria.

We have engaged with over 30 smallholder farmers in Abeokuta in an attempt to help them learn about Climate Smart Agricultural strategies that will help them build resilience and adapt to climate change.

Ultimately, this is to build their capacity to improve their output so we can further connect them to markets, storage facilities and financing that will improve their livelihoods and continually contribute to food security in Nigeria.


AG Digital Drive is designed to provide updates on latest information and opportunities to agripreneurs, farmers, policy makers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

Every month, we provide 5000+ youths and agricultural stakeholders with a newsletter that comprises tweet chats with AgriTech experts across the globe; intensive telegram classes; webinars/podcasts and impact stories of youths in agriculture to enable more youths access job/entrepreneurial opportunities and earn sustainable income.


AgriTech Lab is a cohort-based, modular and immersive in-class/field course that leverages blended learning to provide Agtech skills and education to foster youth inclusion in Agriculture sector, job creation and increasing rate of youth-led Agribusinesses in Nigeria.

The project was launched in 2018 against the backdrop of high youth unemployment as a youth empowerment programme in Nigeria and has since be executed in 2 states with over 200 youths participating in the programme.

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What will you learn?

1. Blockchain Commodity Trading: This is primarily focused on learning about innovative ways of trading agriculture commodities in Nigeria leveraging blockchain technology. This course essentially prepares participants to become Blockchain Commodity trader accruing the opportunities within that ecosystem to him or herself.

2. Soilless Farming: This is essentially focused on practical field learning of Soilless farming technologies from experts who have successfully built soilless farming companies and this will also prepare a participant to be a soilless farmer.

3. Agriculture Marketing: Selling of Agriculture products is an art and deserves to be learnt from professionals. Agriculture products like machines, PPE equipment, inputs amongst others are in high demand and the art of selling them to make profits is what this course is about. It prepares participants to be an Agricultural Marketer.

4. Greenhouse Farming: Greenhouse have properties like Soilless Farming but they are different and most large scale companies leverage this innovation to grow perishable crops on a large scale. This makes this job role continue to be in high demand. This course essentially prepares one to be a Greenhouse farmer.

5. Farm Management: Agronomist and Farm Managers are in high demand because this is the foundation of Agriculture business. This course is designed to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and experience of different Agriculture valuechain in a bid to access quality projects and jobs in the Production part of the valuechain.


Program Structure

1. A modular and immersive in-class course

2. Practical Field Training

3. One-month mentor-ship with AgriTech experts

4. Internship placements for participants


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