“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Mother Teresa

Who We Are

MyFarmbase Agriculture Development Network CAC/IT/NO 140559 is an Agric-tech social enterprise that leverages technology for research, advocacy and Sustainable Agriculture development. 

Her key projects include:

AgriTech Lab

AgriTech Lab is a cohort-based, modular and immersive in-class/field training course that leverages blended learning to provide Agtech skills and education to foster youth inclusion in Agriculture sector, job creation and increasing rate of youth-led agribusinesses in Nigeria. Over 200 youths have been empowered through this program.


CSA Institute

CSA Institute is a program designed and led by experts to educate and equip children, youths and women with climate smart practices to foster a site-specific and integrated approach to managing croplands, livestock, forests and fisheries. Over 100 youths have been empowered through this arm of the organization.


Dialogue Series on Agriculture 

Through a multipronged consultative forum, we engage key stakeholders in Nigeria’s Agriculture sector to identify knowledge gaps, share lessons on viable instruments, institutions, policies, and contribute to consensus on priorities for appropriate investment and action by different actors/stakeholders for supporting youth in Agribusiness



We provide data-driven research, in-depth market research, economic report, policy brief and position papers on key value chains in conjunction with high-level experts and consultants.


AgX Digital

We are investing in raising the next generation of techie farmers by connecting them with AgTech skills through a remote learning model and on-the-field experience.

We connect people who are seeking knowledge, skills and opportunities in the Agric sector to educators (AgriTech industry leaders), established institutions, job/internship opportunities as well as mentorship support

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