How Farmers in Cooperative Societies Access Funding

How farmers in cooperative societies access funding in a blockchain ecosystem. https://archive.org/details/Agroplexy This podcast https://archive.org/details/Agroplexy brought to you by MyFarmBase Africa explains how farmers will enjoy financial assistance as soon as they start to leverage on Blockchain. Blockchain stores any kind of document for a long period of time. It

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Why do we need innovative financing in Agriculture? https://archive.org/details/AgfinanceMixdown One of the major challenges faced by farmers is finance; the question of how to keep their farms running, without going into debt or becoming bankrupt. In this podcast made by MyFarmBase Africa, our guest, Mrs Bamidele, a British Nigerian Agriculture

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Exploring the Alternative to Industrial Agriculture

Are you a farmer planning to start organic farming? https://archive.org/details/OpeFarms Do you want to produce crops that will help improve the health of consumers as well as the climate? Less than an hour, this podcast https://archive.org/details/OpeFarms made by MyFarmBase Africa will give you a detailed explanation of organic farming. Our

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Commodity Supply Chain in Emerging Market

Is there a lasting solution to the issues that arises in commodity supply chain in emerging markets? https://archive.org/details/DrAndrewNevin Dr Andrew, the Chief Economist of PwC, our guest, explained in details how Blockchain can help solve the issue in commodity supply chain and what you stand to gain from this innovation

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