Myfarmbase Global Services Limited RC 1569746 is an Agriculture specialist company focused on crop and livestock valuechain and keen on revolutionizing agricultural practices and promoting food security in Nigeria.

1. Agriculture Agency Network: With a robust network of over 20,000 youths across Nigeria to deliver account opening, POS, warehouse and other 3rd party monitoring services to our clients (banks, processors, anchor companies etc) 

2. Input Supply/Agritech Services: We are resellers of inputs i.e. fertilizers, herbicides, seeds etc. to our client base at a very affordable price. We also work with Agritech industry experts to provide Drone Mapping, Drone Spraying, Yield Forecast and Digital Monitoring Services on medium and large scale projects across the country.

3. Farming: We leverage technology and industry best practices to run Cassava seed production, Snail, Poultry and Ruminant farming in Ogun and Oyo state.

MyFarmbase Agriculture  Development Network CAC/IT/NO 140559 is an agritech social enterprise that leverages digital technology to provide young farmers and agripreneurs with easy access to agricultural information, technology and skills while also connecting them to market to sell their products.


– Myfarmbase Agripreneurs Academy:

This is a focused agritech and agribusiness training institute that offers:

1. Sandwich Courses 

Through engaging field/practical and online learning, stimulating class activities, demonstration, projects and industry-relevant tasks, we immerse youths across Africa in our highly intensive bootcamp training on the various value chains in the Agriculture sector. i.e MFB Global Agricultural Development Program   

2. Valuechain Specialization Courses 

We offer intense advanced training in the selected agricultural value chain. The training provides access to practical driven hands-on training, mentorship to set up sustainable farm, interaction with Industry expert and high octave meet-up with other farmers in selected value chain. i.e MFb Value Chain Specialization

– Myfarmbase Global Community:

With a community of over 10,000 members, we facilitate peer-to-peer mentorship, all-year round training and consultancy support, access to market, high octave agric opportunities listing e.g Grants/Loans, Fellowships, Agric jobs, and access to right market. Members of our community are exposed to our Backyard farm challenge, masterclasses, Annual dinner and conference.

– Myfarmbase Special Events:

This is the event hub of Myfarmbase Africa where key stakeholders, enthusiasts and players are connected for knowledge sharing. These events include but is not limited to MFB Agripreneurs Conference, MFB AgriTech Summit, MFB/UN International Youth Day, MFB Dialogue Series on Agriculture etc.

Myfarmbase Consulting Services BN 2640585 is a private agriculture consulting organization delivering high quality service in the Agriculture sector with strong bias for Agriculture financing.

1. Micro/Cooperative/SME Consulting: We engage Africans and non-Africans in the diaspora to facilitate entry into Nigeria’s agribusiness space. We also support Cooperative networks and SMEs with access to finance and market linkages.

2. Project Management: We work with our clients who are keen on setting up medium and large-scale farming projects across different valuechain and Commodities to structure the farm model, setup and manage the farm end-to-end with excellent results over the years

3. Valuechain Marketplace and Digital Shop: We also connect Agriculture key players and stakeholders with Agriculture valuechain actors. We essentially work on market linkages opportunities and farm services linkages to our client base I.e connecting buyers and sellers via our platforms