5 Minutes with Alinco Dangote

A couple of weeks back, I got a message from a colleague apprising me of a young man she wanted me to connect with, who recently graduated from our cohort-based AgDev program in September.  One fascinating thing about all of this, was the name of this young man or better put, his alias Alinco Dangote. 

Upon pondering on this, lots of thoughts flooded my mind as to if he was connected to the famous Aliko Dangote. At this point, I knew a call would demystify who he was, and thereafter I did schedule a call.

Two minutes into our discussion, I was mesmerized by the vibe, potential and ingenuity of this young man who was not related to Aliko Dangote by blood, but shared a resemblance in his acquisition for greatness. Going by the name Ali Ibrahim, he lived in South Africa for 16 years, before moving to Nigeria later, where he studied welding and fabrication at PTI Training Institute Warri. 

While at the PTI institute, which was surrounded by myriads of Agricultural farms, he was blinded to the opportunities embedded in the agricultural sector. Recently he felt a nudge to explore this sector that has been untapped by a lot of youths. Having started out with a half a plot of land, two years down the line, Ali has accrued 3 plots of land which he uses for his Ugu, Waterleaf and Okro Cultivation.

Alinco Dangote
Alinco Dangote

When asked about his driving force as an agripreneur despite the challenges he was faced with, he firmly said “I am someone that knows I have been made to change things”. 

One of his exciting moments was when he received his first cash from the sales of the Ugu he planted, which was quite a shock to him.

His call to the youth in Nigeria, is to start their agripreneurship journey, no matter how little. It could be their backyard, or even with a half plot of land.

As we rounded up the 5 minutes discussion, I felt fulfilled and knew it was worth my time. My major takeaway from this discussion, was that a very large number of youth are oblivious of the gold mine left untapped in the Agric-space, and the viability of starting small in the Agricultural sector.  

Most Importantly, I almost forgot to mention, that he made a whopping sum of about #100,000 from his first sale on a plot of land, and is currently expanding his tentacles. 

What if I told you, that you could achieve much more in the Agric-space. So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you join our ride, and let’s show you how to begin your agripreneurship journey and bloom.

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