AgroLatestChat with Okonkwo Kenneth

AgroLatestChat with Okonkwo Kenneth

MyFarmbase Africa’s AgroLatestHero was created to tell the stories of young farmers and Agripreneurs alongside reaching out to prospective farmers to learn from their successes and failures with the sole aim of increasing food production and making huge profits from the different value chains in agriculture.


It was a pleasant Wednesday on Twitter as the MyFarmbase team had an interesting tweet chat session with the amazing, Okonkwo Kenneth, Project manager at Protect Ozone.

Here’s the conversation you might have missed.

Hello… Wonderful evening to you all. Welcome to today’s #AgroLatestChat.

I am Nkechi, a Media Representative for MyFarmBase Africa.

Today we will be having a wonderful personality, Okonkwo Kenneth. He is The Project Manager at ProtectOzone.

We will be discussing “How Smallholder Farmers Can Leverage Climate-Smart Agriculture to Foster Food Security” 

Great… Let us roll it


MFB: Can you tell us more about yourself? 

Okonkwo Kenneth: I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Technology from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Currently, I’m the Project Manager at ProtectOzone Sustainable Livelihoods initiative, where we train & empower women, children & youth with sustainable & Climate smart Agriculture.

MFB: What is the Impact of Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) on Food Security?  

Okonkwo Kenneth: The adoption of CSA in crop/livestock management, field management, farm risk reduction & soil management has enhanced soil fertility for higher productivity. With CSA, more will be produced with less.

MFB: Are there accessible technologies that small holder farmers can use to ensure climate smart agriculture in farming?  

Okonkwo Kenneth: The use of improved & resistant seed varieties are important.

MFB: Can you share with us your roles as STEM ed Ambassador and what STEM ed is all about?

Okonkwo Kenneth: STEM is typically based around finding a solution to real-world problems and tends to emphasize project-based learning. So, as an Ambassador, I train, mentor, support, inspire & engage young people with STEM subjects to develop innovative solutions to solve global challenges.

MFB: How have you been utilizing Climate-Smart Agriculture at ProtectOzone? 

Okonkwo Kenneth: At ProtectOzone we basically practice climate smart agriculture. We produce organically; from soil management to crop management. We use local content initiative to produce organic pesticides, herbicides & manures. These practices have given us higher productivity.

MFB: Can you tell us about the local technologies ‘protect ozone’ use to foster clean and climate smart farming? 

Okonkwo Kenneth: We believe in the use of local/indigenous contents. One of our amazing technology is the 50% water saving irrigation kit. We also re-use waste materials that contribute to climate change, such as used/old car tyres, plastics, pure water nylon & empty cement bags to grow food. It is an amazing innovation. It works with the principle of capillarity to systematically irrigate crops over a long period of time while also saving about 50% of the irrigation water. It is made from local materials like the PVC pipe.

MFB: It has been a wonderful time with our guest tonight, I wish we could continue. 

Thanks to everyone for staying through today. Have a great night! 

See you next week.

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